• KONTRAKTUBEKS gel tube 20 g

KONTRAKTUBEKS gel tube 20 g

Description for KONTRAKTUBEKS gel tube 20 g:

Pharmacological properties and pharmacodynamics kontraktubeks gel:

Combined drug action is due to the properties of its constituent components. Turns out to be anti-fibrinolytic (due to the presence of onion extract), antitrombicheskoe (due to the presence of heparin), and keratolytic action (due to the presence of allantoin). Stimulates cell regeneration without hyperplasia. Inhibits proliferation of colloidal fibroblasts.

The experiment showed that heparin within 4 hours in a clinically sufficient penetrates the connective tissue of the dermis. Deep penetration is provided a combination of heparin with an extract of bulbs of sulfur and allantoin. Absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion: when using the drug Kontraktubeks Absorption System is not observed.

Indications primenieniya kontraktubeks gel:

● Hypertrophic and keloid scars occurring after surgery, amputations, burns and injuries;

● Ankylosis of joints;

● Dupuytren contracture;

● Traumatic tendon konraktury;

● Stretch marks after pregnancy

● Atrophic scars

● Prevention of pathological scar formation in the postoperative period or after the injury;

Dosing and Administration kontraktubeks gel:

Can be used in children, pregnant and lactating.

Consumption of products in one application, on average 0.5 cm of gel for scar surface area of 20-25 cm ². Apply 2-3 times a day, a little rubbing in scar tissue. The course of treatment with fresh scars on average 4 weeks.

With long-standing tight scars overnight impose occlusive dressing with the gel. The course of treatment averages 3-6 months.

For prevention use phase after wound epithelialization.

Side effects kontraktubeks gel:

Rare: local skin reactions.

Contra kontraktubeks gel:

Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Drug interactions kontraktubeks with other drugs:

In the absence of systemic Absorption of the drug may be used in conjunction with other drugs.

The presence of two types of packages 20 g and 50 g allows patients with a small scar, or first-time drug buy tube 20g.

In order to meet patients with large areas of skin lesions (with scars after burns, major trauma, etc.), as well as long-term use medication is specifically designed KONTRAKTUBEKS 1950

The need for long-term use due to the slow recovery of physiological processes in the skin itself, requiring several months, and the composition based on high quality natural ingredients allows for KONTRAKTUBEKS as much time as necessary.

Application Kontraktubeks gel

For many years Kontraktubeks used in surgery and cosmetology and has demonstrated its efficacy in the treatment of postoperative scarring and postburns, including coarse, impede movement, and keloid and stretch marks (striae) after pregnancy or after a dramatic weight loss. The gel can be used in the treatment of both fresh and chronic scarring. And no matter what the cause of the scar: mechanical damage to the skin, thermal or chemical burn, vaccination, acne or surgery.

Kontraktubeks very easy to use. However, the process of treatment of scars, scars and stretch marks requires patient persistence and patience. Duration of treatment ranged from 3 to 6 months, in some cases up to 1 year.

Nevertheless, the real result, which you reach by Kontraktubeksa worth your effort and patience.

Treatment with "Kontraktubeks" very well tolerated even with prolonged use.

How does Kontraktubeks:

Promotes regeneration of healthy skin cells

Exerts anti-inflammatory effect

Relieves itching

Softens scar tissue

Inhibits the proliferation of connective tissue cells

Moisturises scar tissue

Restores pigment exchange

Active ingredients are the gel Kontraktubeks onion extract sulfur, heparin and allantoin.

Sera prepared from an extract of selected onion grown in special fields. It has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect. It also reduces swelling and prevents excessive synthesis of connective tissue.

Heparin softens scar tissue. It also has anti-inflammatory effect and helps retain water in the scar tissue.

Allantoin accelerates healing and relieves itching. With long-standing scars of its main function - to restore and preserve the water content in the scar tissue and support the circulation.

Properties of all ingredients reinforce and complement each other. Serolovaya gel-based Kontraktubeks leaves on the surface of the scar, scar, stretch marks (striae), a thin protective film that protects the sensitive scar tissue from damage.

In most cases Kontraktubeks returns scar tissue elasticity and restores the skin functions.

The sooner you start treatment Kontraktubeksom, the more effective it will be.

Treatment Kontraktubeks gel:

To influence the formation of the scar, including keloids, scars, stretch marks, Kontraktubeksom treatment should begin as soon as possible.

The first procedure can be carried out in a few days after the wound was delayed (epitelizirovalas) - about 7-14 days after skin injury. Lightly moisten the surface of the rumen before applying Kontraktubeksa. This will allow the active ingredients of the drug is better absorbed in the scar tissue.

Recent scars

For fresh, tender scars gel applied 1-3 times a day, a thin layer and gently rubbed. Massaged with light pressure rub the gel from the middle to the edge of the scar until completely absorbed within 1-2 minutes.

Inveterate scars (one year or more since the outbreak)

When chronic, more severe scarring Kontraktubeks should be applied 1-3 times a day and rub massage movements. The surface of the scar is recommended for the night to close a pressure bandage to enhance the action of the gel.

The dressing is particularly desirable when the scar, including keloid is a large area. Soften the scar with a warm damp sponge. Kontraktubeks Apply a thin layer. Gently Massage the gel into the scar. Then put on the scar a pressure bandage. Leave the bandage at night to enhance the action of the gel. For the scars smaller area, you can use adhesive plasters.

For scars located on the hands, elbows, feet, etc., are advised to take partial baths. To do this, add 2 cm of the drug "Kontraktubeks in 1 liter of water (water temperature 36 ° -38 ° C) and hold the healed area of the skin in this solution for 10-15 minutes.

Sometimes, depending on the nature of the scar, the results will be noticeable soon after initiation of treatment. But more often it takes several months to achieve a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the scar.

Patience and aggressive treatment are key to what the status of your scar will change for the better.
The drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

INTERACTION: not described.

Storage conditions: at temperatures below 25 ° C.

KONTRAKTUBEKS gel tube 20 g

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