• DERMATIKS (dermatix) gel 15 gr

DERMATIKS gel 15 gr

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Dermatiks silicone gel - silicon-based compound, consisting of a mixture of polymeric silicones (polysiloxanes) with the addition of an inorganic silicon compound - silicon dioxide.

Pharmacological action
Helps to maintain uniform moisture of skin, improving the appearance of scars. Dermatiks gel has the ability to flatten and soften scars speakers, facilitate the associated itching and discomfort, as well as reduce scar formation observed in the breach of skin pigmentation.

Indications for Use
- Improving the cosmetic appearance of scars formed - wound healing - for the prevention and treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars after surgery, burns or other injuries in the early stages immediately after wound healing.

Dermatiks gel should not be used in open, fresh, nezazhivshih wounds. Dermatiks gel should not be applied on top of dermatologic drugs containing antibiotics, and over all pharmaceutical products for the prevention and treatment of cicatricial / or cosmetic products.

Side effect
In rare cases there may be redness, pain or irritation of the skin.

No information available.

No information available.

Method of administration and dosage
The gel is applied only on clean, dry skin. The gel should be applied very thinly on the affected area and let it air dry for 4 - 5 minutes. Excess gel should be removed. Dermatiks gel can be used in children. The minimum duration of treatment - 2 months, if the doctor had not recommended a period of treatment.

Avoid getting the gel on the mucosa. When applying the gel on the skin around the eyelids to avoid getting the gel in the eye.

Storage conditions
Keep away from heat! Store at temperatures not exceeding 25g. SV reach of children.

DERMATIKS (dermatix) gel 15 gr

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