• Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml №5

Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml №5

Description of the drug Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml №5

Indications: Benign skin lesions: verruca vulgaris (common warts), verruca plantaris (plantar warts), condylomata acuminata (genital warts), naevus naevo-cellularis (nevokletochny nevi screened for purity).
Special Notes: When used topically on the affected skin in vivo causes fixation with subsequent mummification of pathologically altered tissue.
Dosage: Outwardly, the damaged surface with an applicator, after pretreatment with ethanol or efirom.V depending on the size, thickness and location of the lesion may be required as from 0.05 to 0.1 ml rastvora.Pri handling dense keratinized skin lesions may be useful to remove cornified layer . Skin lesions with a diameter larger than 10 mm are processed only when there is certainty that they are superficial. At the same time allowed processing no more than 4-5 defeats, and their area must not exceed 4.5 sq. cm Within a few days after treatment the affected area becomes withered, dark-brown crust and looks mummified. If mummification during the first few days is regarded as unsatisfactory, then the process can be repeated. If necessary, treatment of a large number of skin lesions may require multiple sessions with breaks of about 4 weeks.
Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, skin cancer, malignant melanoma, other skin tumors with suspected malignancy, freckles and keloid scars.
Side Effects: Burning, itching, transient redness of skin around the treated surface. Deep-burning depigmented spots, scars.
Guidance for children and pregnant women: Treatment Solcoderm pregnant and breastfeeding women should be prescribed only in cases where the potential benefits of its application to the mother outweigh the risks to the fetus or newborn.
Cautions: Since the solution Solcoderm after opening the vial of chemically unstable, for each therapeutic procedure, you must use a new vial. Before opening the vial should be dusted off and knock down the mud got into the top of the vial. Neck of the ampoule is breaking in applied risk. Keep the exposed vial vertically by securing it in a special slot contour packaging for ampoules. In the treatment of affected skin areas adjacent to the mucous membranes, including around the eyes, you should observe special precautionary measures. When you express a strong local irritation and itching in the surrounding areas of the skin is recommended to apply a cream containing the steroid components, or ointment having the anesthetic effect. You can not remove a scab by scraping or using mechanical means. Scab should fall off spontaneously, or may be in breach of processes of tissue healing and scarring. Until complete healing of the treated lesions Solcoderm (approximately 2-4 months after treatment) should avoid direct sunlight and UV radiation.

Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml №5

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