• MEDERMA Gel 20 g Tube

MEDERMA Gel 20 g Tube

Description for MEDERMA gel 20 g tube:

Pharmacological action
Our skin has a unique mechanism for recovery, as treatment of superficial injuries (abrasions, cuts), as well as deeper, such as:

wound after surgery (removal of birthmarks, etc.)
open area after an inflammatory skin disorders (acne, etc.)
Scar is the result of inherent body process of wound healing, the result is often due to certain circumstances, such as: individual characteristics of the organism, delayed wound healing, adverse its location (for example, in the joints), where the tension can form dense, distinct from normal skin in color, protruding above the surface of scars.
In some cases the deeper layers of skin can occur micro tears of the connective tissue that is causing the emergence of so-called bands of stretching (stretch marks). The reason for this may include: pregnancy, rapid weight changes, hormonal changes at puberty, taking steroid hormones.
Non-greasy hypo-allergenic gel Mederma softens scars, making them more flexible, closer to the natural color of the skin, and restores the strip tension. Thus, "Mederma" has a positive cosmetic effect on the unsightly scars and stretch marks. These defects are less conspicuous, thereby improving the aesthetic appearance.

Mederma is recommended for cosmetic scarring resulting from minor skin lesions, acne (including after dermabrasion), laser (including after the removal of tattoos).
Mederma drug effective against stretch marks resulting from pregnancy or drastic weight changes.

Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Side Effects
Good tolerance even after prolonged use.
Very rarely observed local skin reactions.

Method of application
Mederma is applied only after the wound heals. To use the gel recommended a special massage technique. The gel is rubbed into a problem area 3-4 times a day with light pressure for 3-5 minutes until full absorption. Massaged in a circular motion with light pressure and zigzag motion along the length of the scar or stretch the skin from the center to the periphery.
Recommendations for use:
Stretching the skin - 3-6 months.
Acne scars - 3-6 months.
Other cosmetic scars - 3-6 months or more.
After surgery - 3-6 months or more.

Mederma gel for external use only 20 g in tubes.
The active ingredients Mederma: Cepalin, Allantoin; Other ingredients: water, xanthan, metilparabenam, sorbic acid, flavor, PEG-4.

MEDERMA Gel 20 g Tube

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