• KELOFIBRAZE (kelofibrase) cream 50 g

KELOFIBRAZE (kelofibrase) cream 50 g

Description KELOFIBRAZE (KELOFIBRASE) cream 50 g:

The correct solution for highly demanding skin! Requested and dry skin is rough, has cracked the form, and often prone to irritations. With cream Kelofibrase ®, which contains the natural factor regulating humidity. Kelofibrase ® improves the skin's moisture and softens its soft and elastic. Natural skin barrier function is strengthened. The skin becomes more stable.

The particular combination of active substance in Kelofibrase ® improves blood flow to the skin and mikroobraschenie. Good rubbing kelofibraze supports this effect. Important processes of change facilitate the cloth. The skin is better supplied with nutrients. Consequently, it can be reclaimed. Fresh scent kelofibraza additionally causes a tonic effect.

Exclusively to the external treatment was suitable Kelofibrase ® to care for scars. Regular massage leaving scars are very important for the development (design), undetectable in the appearance of scars. Kelofibrase ® supports this process by stimulation of blood supply. Usually a bad power connection to the water scar tissue increases the special active substance deliberately. Tissue elasticity improves. The skin no longer pulls.

Also, when an unusual demand (load) is greater in the skin needs moisture. Kelofibrase ® believes (holds) the skin supple and is reflected in the strip tension (eg, large fluctuations in weight) is favorable.

App (application):

Kelofibrase ® times daily on affected major parties charge (applied) and massage gently until cream skin is not accepted (not included). Best small fraction kelofibraze take turns rubbing.

If you harden, old scars offers its services to more powerful (more powerful) massage. Effect may be exacerbated by the fact that the charging (applied), such as compresses.

Kelofibrase ® ointment:

For care (care) about the scars and postnatal dilatation
If the blood supply to the prompts and tightens the skin
If regulates skin moisture, skin is considered (holding), elastic

KELOFIBRAZE (kelofibrase) cream 50 g

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