Thyroid-S is a natural drug that is a serious help for people suffering from hypothyroidism or autoimmune thyroiditis. It is a dried animal thyroid gland, which is much more effective than traditional hormonal drugs. The use of this remedy is indicated for those who have had their thyroid gland removed. It is also recommended for hypothyroidism or autoimmune thyroiditis.

Three diagnoses for which the use of this drug is recommended:

- Removed thyroid gland.

- Hypothyroidism.

- Autoimmune thyroiditis.

When such diagnoses are made, patients are forced to take chemically synthesized hormones for the rest of their lives. This therapy has two significant disadvantages:

Strong fluctuations in weight with all the ensuing consequences - stress for the body, a feeling of exhaustion.

Failure to provide the full spectrum of essential hormones.

A much more effective alternative is to take natural thyroid. This was first practiced in medicine back in 1894. In fact, using the thyroid glands of pets instead of synthetic hormones is not new. Rather, on the contrary, at the end of the 20th century they began to use thyroxine, etc. instead. medications. It is noteworthy that until the 70s of the last century, dried animal thyroid glands were the only medicine for patients with thyroiditis, etc.

The preparation is based on dried and crushed pig thyroid glands. Since at the genetic level its body is in many ways similar to the human one, pig thyroid glands are able to provide people with the full spectrum of necessary hormones. Thyroid-S contains T4, T3, T2, T1, and calcitonin.

As an analogy, it can be explained that using Thyroid-S compared to a traditional hormonal course, according to experts, is the same as using vitamin C of natural origin (citrus fruits) compared to ascorbic acid from a pharmacy. For example, common medications only include the substance T4, which is levothyroxine. Only in special cases is the use of T3 - liothyronine allowed. However, Thyroid-S is loaded with naturally occurring hormones from T1 to T4.

In addition, the drug differs from hormonal therapy in that its use does not cause weight loss, which is a significant advantage.

The composition of the thyroid gland excludes any chemical hormones, only natural ingredients.

If the thyroid gland malfunctions, it is imperative to eliminate gastrointestinal diseases, improve the diet, control the correct intake of minerals, trace elements, get rid of inflammation, etc. Only under this condition will the use of Thyroid-S ensure maximum effectiveness. Moreover, there are chances to completely remove the diagnoses of autoimmune therioditis and hypothyroidism.

Mode of application:

If the thyroid gland has been removed, it is recommended to take 3 to 5 capsules daily (more precisely determined by the patient’s condition). Packaging 1 thousand tablets. enough for 6-11 months.

Hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis: take 0.5-2 capsules once daily. The packaging is designed for a period of one and a half to five years.

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