Tergynan (Terzhinan) vaginal tablets №6

Description for TERZHINAN Table. vaginal. :

Pharmacological properties
Combination drug for the treatment of gynecological diseases. Terzhinan, due to its multicomponent composition, is a vehicle for the topical treatment of vulvovaginitis and colpitis different origins: bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and mixed. The composition of the drug include imidazole derivative ternidazol, rendering trihomonatsidnoe action, and also active against anaerobic bacteria, in particular gardnerellas, aminoglycoside antibiotics, acting on a pyogenic bacterial flora of the vagina, neomycin sulfate, an antifungal polyene antibiotic nystatin, active against fungi of the genus Candida; corticosteroid with the local anti-inflammatory effect of prednisolone metasulfobenzoat. Excipient tablets ensures the integrity of the vaginal mucosa and the physiological pH level.

Systemic absorption of the drug component is negligible

Indications for Use
bacterial vaginosis and vaginitis caused by banal pyogenic flora; trichomonazice vaginitis, fungal vaginitis caused by Candida albicans; vaginitis caused by mixed infection (trichomonads, anaerobic infections, including gardnerellas and yeastlike fungi) prophylactically before surgical treatment of gynecological diseases, prior to delivery or abortion, before and after the introduction of an intrauterine contraceptive, before and after diathermocoagulation cervical erosion, before intrauterine studies (hysterography).

Dosing and Administration
Vvvodyat deep into the vagina and 1 tablet at night. The average duration of continuous treatment for 10 days. If confirmed mycosis treatment duration 20 days. Treatment does not stop during menstruation. Before introduction into the vagina to hold the tablet in water for 20-30 sec. After administration, tablets should lie within 10-15min

Side Effects
rare allergic reactions, burning sensation and the phenomenon of local irritation at the beginning of treatment.

hypersensitivity to the drug.

Conditions and terms of
at 25 ° C.

Conditions of supply
to appoint Dr.

Tergynan (Terzhinan) vaginal tablets №6

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