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Glutathione drug Biomedica Foscama Tad 600 mg/4ml

In the human body, glutathione is produced naturally and protects against toxins, free radicals, diseases, viruses, the adverse effects of natural factors and electromagnetic radiation. When the body experiences a deficiency of it, the drug Glutathione comes to the rescue, which is an excellent antioxidant and detoxifier. This compound participates in redox reactions as a coenzyme.

Benefits of Glutathione:

The most powerful antioxidant in the body

Blocks free radicals

Potentiates the antioxidant effect of vitamin C

Natural substance

Reduces skin pigmentation (“age spots”)

General rejuvenating effect Reduced fatigue, normalized sleep

Lipotropic action promotes fat mobilization

Improves wound healing in a postoperative rehabilitation program

Reduces pores on the skin

A strong hepatoprotector protects liver cells from the effects of breakdown products of alcohol, antibiotics, industrial toxins and radiation.

Is a powerful anti-cancer factor

Used to treat atherosclerosis

Restores the body after taking antibiotics.

Has a powerful antioxidant effect.

Glutathione levels decrease with poor diet, chronic stress, infections and chronic diseases and decrease with age.

Who Needs Supplemental Glutathione?


Abuse of alcoholic beverages

Professional athletes

Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Excess weight (as part of the comprehensive weight loss program Platinental Weight Loss)

Violation of potency

Oncological propensity

The amount of glutathione in the body decreases with age. It is clear that, starting from the age of 20, each subsequent year there is 1% less glutathione in our body. At the same time, we regularly undermine our immune system by smoking, drinking alcohol and living in a big city. How to restore glutathione?

Glutathione as a dietary supplement has been known for a long time. However, few people know that this drug in capsules is not absorbed by our body, it perceives it as food and simply processes it into its components. Therefore, the only effective way to deliver glutathione to its destination is through intravenous administration.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant in our body, perhaps even the most powerful. In fact, it is a natural combination of three amino acids, which together are a means of destroying free radicals. Glutathione protects every cell in our body. And most importantly, it determines how quickly we age and how long we will live healthy without a bunch of different diseases.

Pharmachologic effect:

It is a powerful detoxifying agent with hepatoprotective properties.


Glutathione is a physiological tripeptide consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. It is an important component of detoxification and protection of cells from the harmful effects of xenobiotics, free radicals and radiation. A number of studies have proven that glutathione protects the cell from its pathological damage as a result of poisoning with ethyl alcohol, paracetamol, phenobarbital, tricyclic antidepressants, organophosphate insecticides, etc.

Glutathione has been proven to influence the activity of chemotherapy drugs, reduce oxidative stress caused by the tumor process, and provide effective protection against renal failure and neurotoxicity after the use of anticancer drugs.

The mechanism of action of the substance is the ability to form bonds with substances that have a pathological effect on human health, helping further biotransformation and elimination from the body.


The method of drug administration contributes to the determination of Cmax 15 minutes after administration. Vd is 15 l; T1/2 – 10 min.

After intravenous administration of the drug in the blood plasma, the concentration of glutathione and cysteine increases, while the concentration of cysteine and mixed disulfides decreases, indicating an increase in the transport properties of cysteine inside cells.

The drug undergoes renal excretion in its primary form or in the form of cysteine, which occurs 1.5 hours after administration.

Mode of application:

The average dose for intravenous administration is 1.2-2.5 g per day. The amount of the substance to be used is determined by the doctor individually, based on the age, weight, condition and clinical picture of the patient’s disease.

The therapeutic course initially lasts 2-4 weeks, depending on the severity and type of initial pathology, but can be continued or reduced as prescribed by the doctor.

To prepare a solution for infusion, dissolve the contents of the bottle in 250-500 ml of 0.9% NaCl solution (preparation of the solution and administration is recommended by a medical professional).

When using chemotherapeutic agents in parallel, TAD 600 is administered 15–30 minutes before the start of chemotherapy.

For long-term treatment dosage

TAD 600 (glutathione) ampoules

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