Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml №1

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Pharmacological properties: combined preparation for external use only. After applying to the affected area gets into the treated tissue and after 1-2 min causes a change in its color, which reflects the in vivo fixation of tissues treated area. In what is mummification of pathological tissue, dark crust and a few days alone eliminated. Healing occurs quickly. Complications (in the form of a secondary infection or scarring) are rare. Development of systemic effects unlikely. Indications: Local treatment of superficial benign skin lesions, including common and plantar warts, genital warts, seborrheic keratosis, nevus (with confirmed benign process). APPLICATION: treatment should be a doctor or trained medical personnel. Due to instability of p-pa in an open vial for each application you must use a new vial. Open vial can be fixed in a special recess in the package. Before the procedure affected skin is treated with alcohol or ether. Solcoderm applied directly to exposed skin. For applying the product in each package is the applicator with a sharp and blunt ends and a glass tube. The sharp end of the applicator is designed to handle minor injuries in the area, the blunt end is designed to handle large and / or cornified lesions. With the glass tube can handle the surface area of 4-5 cm2. Adults and children Solcoderm carefully applied to the affected area with applicator or glass tube, and then penetrating the plastic applicator to complete absorption of p-pa. Over the next 3-5 minutes to draw attention to the appearance of grayish or yellowish color of treated skin. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated until the specified color. Affected area near the eyes and mucous membranes should be handled with extreme caution. When processing keratinized warts of the stratum corneum can be removed first. Neoplasms with a diameter of 10 mm was treated Solcoderm only if struck by a top layer of skin. With multiple lesions treated drug should be carried out in several stages with an interval of about 4 weeks. During one session can be processed 04.05 skin lesions with a total area no more than 4-5 cm2. Within a few days after treatment the affected area is covered mummified dark brown crust. When poor mummification process can be repeated several days later. CONTRAINDICATIONS: malignant skin tumors prone to metastasis (melanoma), freckles, keloid scars. SIDE EFFECTS: The feeling of light short local burning. With severe reactions in the adjacent areas of skin can be applied a cream containing corticosteroids or ointment containing anesthetics. In the case of treatment of deep skin lesions after cauterization of the drug may remain depigmented spots or scars. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: for the normal flow of the process of mummification neoplasm, which occurred at Solcoderm should be handled in 70% alcohol, especially after a bath / shower. Eschar can not be removed, it should disappear on their own. Until complete healing should avoid direct exposure to sunlight and UV irradiation. If the product enters the mucous membranes or healthy skin it is necessary to quickly rinse with plenty of water or 1% p-rum sodium bicarbonate. When surgical removal of the affected area of skin prior to application Solcoderm, treatment should begin no earlier than 8-10 days. Patients with a tendency toward the formation of rough scars appoint Solcoderm should not be. Treatment Solcoderm during pregnancy is carried out only in cases where the benefits to the mother outweigh the risks to the fetus. Before you throw away the used vial, the remnants of a p-pa should be washed off with running water. INTERACTION: not described. OVERDOSE: ulcer formed in overdose, is subject to the standard local treatment. Storage conditions: temperature 8-20 ° C.

Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml №1

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