• Phenotropil (Fenotropil) tablets 100mg № 30

Phenotropil (Fenotropil) tablets 100mg № 30

Description for Phenotropil (Fenotropil) tablets 100mg № 30

Pharmacological action

Nootropic drug. Has expressed antiamnestic action activates the integrative brain activity, helps consolidate memory, improve concentration and mental performance, facilitates learning processes, accelerates the transfer of information between the hemispheres of the brain, increases the resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia and toxic effects, possesses anticonvulsant activity and anxiolytic activity , regulates the processes of activation and inhibition of the central nervous system, improves mood.
Fenotropil has a positive effect on metabolism and blood circulation of the brain, stimulates the redox processes, increases the body's energy potential through the utilization of glucose, improves regional blood flow in ischemic regions of the brain. Increases the content of noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin in the brain.
Does not affect the levels of GABA, is not associated with GABAA-and GABAV receptors, no significant effect on the spontaneous brain activity.
Fenotropil no effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Has mild diuretic effect. Has anoreksigennoy activity in exchange application.
Fenotropil provides a moderately stimulating effect on motor responses, improves physical performance.
Moderate psychogogic effect of the drug is combined with anxiolytic activity. Fenotropil improves mood, has analgesic effect, increasing the pain threshold.
Fenotropil has an adaptogenic effect, increasing the body's resistance to stress in conditions of increased mental and physical stress, and fatigue, hypokinesia and immobilization at low temperatures.
On the background of Fenotropil marked improvement in vision (an increase in sharpness, brightness and field of view).
Fenotropil improves blood flow to the lower extremities.
Fenotropil stimulates production of antibodies in response to the antigen, indicating that it immunostimuliruyushie properties, but at the same time does not cause the development of immediate hypersensitivity reactions and does not alter the allergic inflammatory skin reaction caused by the introduction of foreign protein.
In exchange application Fenotropil not develop drug dependence and tolerance. To remove the drug is not marked development of withdrawal syndrome.
Action Fenotropil seen after a single application, which is important when the drug is used in extreme conditions.


- CNS disease of various origins (particularly diseases of vascular origin or associated with metabolic disturbances in the brain, and intoxication / for example, post-traumatic states and the phenomena of chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency /), accompanied by deterioration in intellectual-mental function, reduced physical activity;
- Neurotic states manifested lethargy, increased exhaustion, reduced psychomotor activity, infringement of attention, memory impairment;
- Violations of learning processes;
- Depression, mild to moderate severity;
- Psychoorganic syndrome, manifesting intellectual-mental disorders and apatiko-abulicheskoy symptoms, as well as the lethargic state of schizophrenia;
- Convulsive state;
- Obesity (alimentary-constitutional genesis);
- Prevention of hypoxia, increased resistance to stress, functional correction of the extreme conditions of professional activity in order to prevent the development of fatigue and improve mental and physical performance, correction of circadian biorhythm cycle inversion "sleep-wake";
- Chronic alcoholism (to reduce symptoms of fatigue, depression, intellectual-mental disorders).

Dosing regimen

The dosage regimen set individually.
The average single dose of 150 mg (100-250 mg), average daily dose - 250 mg (200-300 mg). The maximum subsistence allowances dose - 750 mg. Multiplicity of reception - 1-2 times / day.
Daily dose of 100 mg can be taken 1 time per day (morning) 100 mg - Recommended divided into 2 doses. Duration of treatment - from 2 weeks to 3 months. The average course of treatment - 30 days. If necessary, designate a second course of treatment a month later.
For performance prescribed 100-200 mg 1 time per day in the morning for 2 weeks (for the athletes - in 3 days).
When alimentary-constitutional obesity - 100-200 1 mg once daily in the morning in 30-60 days.
Fenotropil taken orally after meal.
Do not take Fenotropil after 15 hours

Side effect

CNS: insomnia (while taking the drug after 15 h).
Some patients in the first 3 days of admission - psychomotor agitation, flushing of the skin, a feeling of warmth, increased blood pressure.


Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Pregnancy and lactation

Fenotropil should not be administered during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding) because of the lack of clinical research.
Fenotropil does not have teratogenic, mutagenic and embryotoxic action. Toxicity is low, the lethal dose in acute experiment is 800 mg / kg.


Precautions should be prescribed the drug Fenotropil patients with severe organic lesions of the liver and kidneys, severe hypertension, atherosclerosis, patients who had panic attacks, acute psychotic states, accompanied by psychomotor excitation (as is possible worsening anxiety, panic, hallucinations and delusions) ; patients prone to allergic reactions to the group pyrrolidone nootropic drugs.
Fenotropil has no carcinogenic effect.
Use in pediatrics
Fenotropil not recommended for children due to lack of clinical data on the drug in pediatric practice.
Effects on ability to drive vehicles and control mechanisms
Keep in mind that excessive psycho-emotional exhaustion by chronic stress and fatigue, chronic insomnia, acute administration Fenotropil the first day can cause a sharp need for sleep. Therefore, patients whose activities require greater attention and quickness of psychomotor reactions is recommended to start taking the drug on days off.


Currently, cases of drug overdose Fenotropil were reported. If necessary, symptomatic treatment.

Drug Interactions

Fenotropil may exacerbate the effects of drugs that stimulate the central nervous system, antidepressants and nootropics.
Fenotropil exhibits antagonism cataleptic action of neuroleptics, and also diminishes the severity of hypnotic action of ethanol and hexenal.

Conditions and terms of

List B. The drug should be stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. Shelf life - 5 years.
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Phenotropil (Fenotropil) tablets 100mg № 30

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