• Donormyl UPSA  tablets 15mg №30

Donormyl UPSA  tablets 15mg №30

Description for Donormyl UPSA  tablets 15mg №30

Donormil - a means to combat insomnia, hypnotic, sedative. Reduces time to sleep, increases the duration and quality of sleep. It is used for insomnia.

* Has an effective soporific effect (as effective as zolpidem);
* Does not violate the physiological sleep phase;
* Does not cause withdrawal symptoms (unlike zopiclone);
* No psychotropic medication;
* Available at a price;
* Is not addictive (unlike zopiclone).

Latin name:

Structure and Composition:
Donormil coated tablets, 30 pcs. in the package.
1 tablet contains Donormil: doxylamine succinate 15 mg.
Donormil effervescent tablets 20 pcs. in the package.
1 tablet contains Donormil: doxylamine succinate 15 mg.

Active-active substance:
Doxylamine (doxylamine succinate) / Doxylamine.

Properties / Action:
Donormil - a means to combat insomnia, hypnotic, sedative.
Donormil - blocker of H1-histamine receptor from a group of ethanolamines; blocks and m-cholinergic receptors, has a sedative and atropinopodobnoe action.
Donormil reduces time to sleep, increases the duration and quality of sleep, it does not change the phase of sleep.

Donormil (doxylamine) is well absorbed from the intestine. Cmax is achieved 2 hours after taking tablets, coated tablets, and 1 h after administration of effervescent tablets. Passes gistogematicheskie barriers (including BBB), and distributed to tissues and organs. Metabolized in the liver. T1 / 2 was 10 h. The bulk of the active substance (60%) excreted unchanged in the urine, partly - in the faeces.

# Violation of falling asleep and maintaining sleep (insomnia).

Dosage and administration:
Patients aged 15 years Donormil appoint 1/2-1 pill 15-30 minutes before bedtime. Duration of treatment Donormilom about 2 weeks.
Before taking an effervescent tablet Donormila previously dissolved in a glass of water, coated tablets, washed down with water.

Symptoms: daytime sleepiness, agitation, anxiety, depression, dry mouth, impaired motor coordination, mydriasis, cycloplegia, flushing face and neck skin, hyperthermia, sinus tachycardia, tremor, athetosis, convulsions, coma with cardiorespiratory collapse.
Treatment: If necessary, symptomatic treatment, if necessary, use anticonvulsants and mechanical ventilation.

# Idiosyncrasy (including history of hypersensitivity) drug components Donormil;
# Angle-closure glaucoma;
# Adenoma of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia), urinary disorders of various origins;
# Pregnancy, breast-feeding (lactation);
# Childhood and adolescence to 15 years.

Application of pregnancy and breastfeeding:
Donormil contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.
In experimental studies revealed no teratogenic, embryotoxic action Donormila.

Side effects:
In applying Donormila possible daytime sleepiness, lethargy.
Adverse effects associated with anticholinergic action Donormila: dry mouth, paresis of accommodation, constipation, urinary retention.

Special warnings and precautions:
You must be careful at night waking up at a reception Donormila (possible confusion or dizziness).
Patients who have shown a diet with restriction of salt, it should be borne in mind that each effervescent tablet Donormila contains 484 mg sodium.
At the time of treatment Donormilom should renounce alcohol.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms:
Should be prescribed with care Donormil patients involved in potentially hazardous activities. Should not be used Donormil during the drivers of vehicles and people, the profession which is associated with increased concentration.

Drug Interactions:
When concomitantly with antidepressants, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, clonidine, opioids, antipsychotics, tranquilizers observed increased inhibitory action Donormila on the CNS.
With the simultaneous reception Donormila with atropine or other atropinopodobnymi means, imipramine, anticholinergic antiparkinsonian drugs, disopyramide, phenothiazine derivatives and increased risk of anticholinergic side effects: dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention.
Ethanol enhances the sedative effect of Donormila.

Donormyl UPSA tablets 15mg №30

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