Cerebrolysin ® solution for injection 1076 mg 5 ml №5

Description for Cerebrolysin ® solution for injection 1076 mg of Valium. 5 ml

Pharmacological properties
Cerebrolysin ® contains low molecular weight biologically active neuropeptides, which overcome the blood-brain barrier and enter directly to the nerve cells. The drug has a unique organ-specific multilateral action on the brain, which is manifested in the ability of Cerebrolysin ® to metabolic regulation, neuroprotection, functional neuromodulation and neurotrophic activity. Metabolic regulation of Cerebrolysin ® improves the efficiency of aerobic energy metabolism of the brain, improves the intracellular protein synthesis in the developing and aging brain. Neuroprotection with Cerebrolysin ® protects neurons from the damaging effect of lactic acidosis, prevents the formation of free radicals and reduces the concentration of lipid peroxidation products on ischemia - reperfusion, increases perezhivayemost and prevents neuronal death in conditions of hypoxia and ischemia, reduces the damaging neurotoxic effects of excitatory amino acids (glutamate). Neurotrophic activity of Cerebrolysin ® - the only peptidergic nootropic drug with proven in vitro and in vivo neuron-specific neurotrophic activity similar to natural causes neuronal growth, but is manifested in contrast, in a peripheral administration. Cerebrolysin ® stimulates the differentiation of neurons and neurite sprouting in the postnatal development of the brain, support livelihoods and the experience of neurons, protecting them from the damaging effects slows down and stops the process of neurodegeneration in an experimental model reproducing the pathological changes that occur in Alzheimer's disease. Functional Neuromodulation Cerebrolysin ® shows positive effects on cognitive function disorders, improves concentration, the processes of memorizing and reproducing information associated with short-term memory, increases the ability to acquire and maintain the skills activates the process of mental activity, improves mood, promotes the formation of positive emotions, thus offering modulating effect on behavior. Multimodal, a neuron-specific effect of Cerebrolysin ® is installed in numerous experimental studies, clinical efficacy confirmed in a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted with the requirements of GCP in a number of international centers for the past 5 years.

The complex composition of Cerebrolysin ®, the active fraction of which consists of a balanced and stable mixture of biologically active oligopeptide having a total of multifunctional action, does not allow for normal pharmacokinetic analysis of individual components. In these circumstances, some insight on the pharmacokinetics of Cerebrolysin ® can only be obtained indirectly. Thus, it was found that after a single administration of a specific neurotrophic activity of the plasma can be maintained for 8 hours.

Indications for use
Various forms of neurological and psychiatric, including neyropediatricheskoy and psihogerontologicheskoy pathology, accompanied by a progressive disorder of cognitive and intellectual-mental options: • chronic cerebrovascular pathology (encephalopathy); • ischemic stroke (acute phase and convalescence); • traumatic brain injury (traumatic brain injury, concussion, post-surgery on the brain); • mental retardation in children; • disorders, attention deficit in children; • dementia syndromes of different genesis (presenile dementia - Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia of the Alzheimer type) vascular dementia (multiinfarct form), mixed forms of dementia; • endogenous depression resistant to antidepressants.

Dosage and administration
Applies only parenterally in: • as an intramuscular injection (5.1 ml), • or intravenous drip infusion (10-60 ml). Dose and duration of treatment depends on the nature, severity, and the age of the patient. The standard duration of injection - 4 weeks (at least 5 injections per week, if possible, every day). In acute conditions (ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, complications of brain surgery) Cere should enter intravenous drip in a daily dose of 10-60 mL in 100-250 ml of saline solution, for 60-90 minutes. The duration of the course of 10-25 days. In the residual period of stroke and traumatic brain injury Cerebrolysin ® is administered intravenously, 5-10 ml for 20-30 days. When psychoorganic syndrome (dementia, depression) - intravenous infusions for 5-10 ml, respectively 20-25 and 10-15 days. In practice neyropediatricheskoy - 1-2 ml (up to 1 ml per 10 kg body weight) intramuscularly daily for a month with a repetition rate of 2-3 times per year.

Adverse effects
Cerebrolysin ® is one of the safest drugs. Low molecular weight of its constituent neuropeptides eliminates the possibility of anaphylactic reactions. The drug is not mutagenic, teratogenic, pyrogenic and allergenic effect. With increased individual sensitivity is very rapid infusion of Cerebrolysin ® may cause a slight rise in temperature. Adverse reactions were extremely rare, short-lived and do not pose a risk to the patient.

• acute renal failure, • status epilepticus. Drug is prescribed with caution in patients with allergic diathesis, grand mal seizures, and in the first three months of pregnancy

Interactions with other drugs
Simultaneous use of antidepressants in combination with Cerebrolysin ® can enhance their action.

Conditions and terms
Storage conditions: • In the manufacturer's packaging, • in a dark place, • at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C, • the reach of children

Cerebrolysin ® solution for injection 1076 mg 5 ml №5

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