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Fructose 1,6-diphosphate magnesium salt contains phosphates necessary for the synthesis of ATP. (adenosine triphosphate), high-energy substances and magnesium, which are an important trace element necessary for normal psychological and physical activity. This component has a comprehensive effect on metabolism, improving the supply of oxygen to tissues. Biophosphine helps quickly restore normal psychological and physical activity. Creatine is a quickly absorbed energy substance, ready for use. The creatine contained in biophosphine is in a certain metabolic alkylated form, which contributes to its high digestibility. This allows the use of lower doses of the drug compared to pure creatine. Magnesium and potassium are important microelements that ensure cell polarization, promote the elimination of lactic acid, and reduce the feeling of physical fatigue. Potassium is necessary for normal muscle function. But fructose, due to its rapid utilization in the Krebs cycle, creates an additional amount of lactic acid.

Recommendations for use in sports

Increased endurance, strength endurance, recovery of the body after physical activity, psychophysical fatigue. Recommendations for use in everyday life. "null" Stress, psychophysical fatigue, recovery of the body after mental stress, recovery from illness; combination of sports, study, work.


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