• Apilak tablets 10 mg  №25

Apilak tablets 10 mg  №25

Description for Apilak Tablets 10 mg:

Indications for use:
Malnutrition (nutritional) and anorexia (lack of appetite) in infants and young children, hypotension (low blood pressure), eating disorders in convalescent (recovering), neurotic disorders, disorders of lactation (molokoobrazovaniya) in the postpartum period, seborrhea (skin disease associated with dysfunction of the sebaceous glands) of skin.

Method of application:
Children from 0.0025 g to 0.005 g in the form of suppositories 3 times a day for 7-15 days. Adults (sublingually under the tongue) of 0.01 g 3 times daily for 10-15 days, with oily skin creams containing 0.6% of the drug.

Side effects:
With the increased sensitivity of the individual sleep disorders.

Addison's disease (decreased adrenal function), idiosyncrasy (hereditary hypersensitivity) to the drug.

Powder, pills to 0.01 grams in a package of 25 pieces, candles in a package of 10 pieces to 0,005 g and 0.01 g.

In a dry, dark place at temperatures below +8 ° C.

Dry matter of the native bee royal jelly (allotroficheskih secretion glands of worker bees)

Apilak tablets 10 mg №25

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