• LABILAKT capsules №10

LABILAKT Capsules №10

Description for LABILAKT Capsules:

Composition. .
- Bacteria and r.Lactobacillus r.Bifidobacterium - 50 million CFU / g of live bacterial cells;
- Lactulose - not less than 13%.

Form: Capsules

Basic physical and chemical properties. Gelatin capsule, the color of content - from light yellow to dark brown; consistency - from fine powder to karamelevidnoy mass, taste and smell - the specific

Properties. Properties LABILAKTA ® is determined by properties of its components, the combination and the proportional composition of which are tailored to maximize their synergies.
Lactobacilli are prevalent (95%) representatives of normal microflora in female genital tract. Fermenting glycogen formed by the cells of the mucous membrane, they form a series of organic acids (primarily lactic) through which supported low pH. Low pH in the vagina, as well as the development of lactic acid bacillus of hydrogen peroxide are among the most important protective mechanisms that prevent the development of pathogenic organisms.
Bifidobacteria are fixed on the surface of epithelial cells of the vagina. They also refer to the acidogenic micro-organisms and are involved in maintaining a low pH. In addition, bifidobacteria produce bacteriocins, lysozyme, alcohol are factors colonization resistance in the vagina in relation to pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms.
Lactulose is a breeding ground and a stimulator of lacto-and bifidobacteria. With its metabolism produced organic acids that decrease the pH content of the vagina to physiological values.

Indications for use. Recommended as a source of lacto, Bifidobacterium and lactulose for use in gynecological practice.

The dosage and method of application.
One capsule before bedtime. Course duration - 10 days.
Course duration - 10 days.

Противопоказания.Повышенная sensitivity to the drug.

Side effects and interactions with medications. Were observed.

Storage conditions. Store at temperatures not above 25 ° C and relative humidity of 80%.

Shelf life. 12 months.

Packing: Blister plate for 10 capsules.

Conditions of supply. Without a prescription

LABILAKT capsules №10

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