• Pharmatex vaginal suppositories №10

Pharmatex vaginal suppositories №10

Description for Pharmatex supp. vaginal. 18.9 mg №10

Pharmacological properties
Local contraceptive. When introduced into the vagina spermicide (contraceptive effect) and has an antiseptic effect. Application Pharmatex plays an important role in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, as substantially reduces the risk of infection, although not eliminate it completely. Maximum protection against sexually transmitted diseases for sharing Pharmatex and condoms. Pharmatex not affect hormones and the normal vaginal microflora. The drug acts only locally and does not get any blood or in breast milk.

Indications for Use
Local contraception with Pharmatex suitable for all women of reproductive age, especially in such cases:
# If there are contraindications to oral contraception or an intrauterine device;
# In the period after childbirth and lactation;
# Post-abortion;
# In the period before menopause;
# If necessary, to prevent pregnancy episodic (non-regular sex life, rare sex);
# During rotation of a spiral or interruption of hormonal contraceptives.
Pharmatex can be used in conjunction with any other method (condoms, intrauterine devices, diaphragms).

Dosing and Administration
Be aware that the suppository Pharmatex has a mild moisturizing effect. Remove the suppository from its protective packaging. In a prone position to introduce it as deeply as possible into the vagina. The suppository melts in 5 minutes, he acts for 4 hours and protects a woman on a sexual act. In the case of repeated sexual intercourse must enter a new suppository Pharmatex.
1. Carefully remove the suppository from the protection package.
2. Lie.
3. Enter a suppository as deeply as possible into the vagina.
Efficient use of the drug Pharmatex associated exclusively with carefully you follow these rules of th:
# Use suppository Pharmatex systematically before each sexual act, any day of the menstrual cycle (the use of the drug only in the "safe days" decreases the effectiveness of the method).
# Enter the suppository as deeply as possible into the vagina.
# Be sure to enter a new suppository "'Pharmatex" before each repeated intercourse.
# The number of suppositories that can be used within a day, is not limited.
# Do not use soap for toilet sex organs within 2 hours before and 2 hours after the close, as even a slight soap residue Pharmatex destroy the active ingredient, for these purposes can be used either nemylnoy water, or a special foaming means "Pharmatex.
# Within 2 hours after sexual intercourse to refrain from vaginal irrigation, bathing or water to avoid leaching of the vaginal contraceptive.
C # introduced Pharmatex not take baths, swim in the pool and ponds, to prevent it from leaching out of the vagina.

Side Effects
Allergic reactions to constituents of the drug. In the case of their occurrence Pharmatex suspend use and consult a doctor. When the drug is used according to indications, the risk of side effects is minimal.

Allergic reactions or irritant effects on the components of the drug.
# The correct use of vaginal cream Pharmatex women with mental disorders and women who do not allow any manipulation of the genitals.
# There is no woman who can not understand and agree with this type of contraception.
# Increased sensitivity to the drug.
Pharmatex can be used during lactation because it does not get any blood or in breast milk.

Interaction with other drugs
Can not be used together with drugs intended for vaginal application: any drugs introduced in the vagina can reduce the contraceptive effect Pharmatex. Pharmatex destroyed soap. One should also produce vaginal irrigation before and after intercourse to avoid washout contraceptive.

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Features of
Before using consult your doctor.
# Essential to adhere to rules for the use of the drug because it affects contraceptive effectiveness.
# Do not use concurrently with other intravaginally means. If you need any other treatment for vaginal or vaginal insertion of any other remedy should be
# Wait for completion of treatment before resuming (start) Pharmatex contraception.
# Need to stop using Pharmatex if aware of any disease.

Conditions and terms of
Shelf life - 36 months. Do not use after expiration date printed on the packaging. Storage Conditions: Store at temperatures not above 25 C. Keep out of reach of children.

Conditions of supply
Without a prescription.

Pharmatex vaginal suppositories №10

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